Why Breed Dog

A few words concerning the desirability of breeding a female are in order because too many owners breed their dog for the wrong reasons.
Some say it is natural and healthy for a female to have pups. No doubt it is natural but healthy it is not. The females spayed at a young age outlive the unspayed litter mates by at least two years on the average, and two years is one sixth of the life expectancy.
Many well – intentioned people will breed a female that has endeared herself to so many friends and neighbors that good homes are assured for a large litter. A word of caution here: all too often those who rave about your dog and say they would like one of her puppies change their minds when the pups are available. If you do plan to sell the puppies,place ads in newspapers giving information sufficient to rule out many shoppers who want a five – dollar pup unless you have five – dollar pups for sale. Mention price, age, breed or type, and your phone number or ab ox number for written requests for information. Screen the prospective purchasers so that the puppies will have good homes. The wife of one of us breeds Gordon Setters but never will she breed unless she has small cash deposit on at least four puppies, or half the expected litter .Another reason to produce puppies is allegedly to make money. Friend of ours overheard one of our clients state that the reason he was breeding his Poodles was to send his children through college. Our friend remarked that the client would send the veterinarian’s children through college, not his own. There is more truth than fiction in that remark since it is a rare breeder who can make money breeding dogs.Then there are those naive enough to think they can improve the breed with scientific breeding. The problem with that proposition is that there are few with the scientific background, the objectivity, and the money to make an impression on a breed. In such a program, all offspring must be raised to maturity to select the individual dog to continue the program and those that do not measure up must be eliminated by altering or destruction. It is difficult to sell an adult of many breeds, making such a program an expensive venture.
In spite of charity spaying, neutering facilities, and educational cam – pains, hundreds of thousands of unwanted dogs are destroyed yearly in limewater, one half cup of cooked vegetables, and one half cup filled biscuits soaked in warm water. Late evening: two puppy biscuits, two lumps of dog candy, and a bowl of milk. Though the dog flourished, it was very overweight.
A neighbor of this woman buys kibble dog biscuits, soaks them,mixes cooked vegetables and meat with them, and feeds the mixture to her dog once a day with good results.
Another dog owner on the same street opens cans of dog food,spoons out the contents, and her pet thrives on it.
Besides having enough food, our pets need these essentials: water,minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, fiber, and vitamins. Some species can live without consuming certain essentials that other species must have.(Cavies need vitamin C; dogs snake their own.) Knowing what the requirements are makes feeding simpler and at the sane time permits us to ensure that our dogs get enough of everything.

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