Treatment of Cat Ear Mites

Old-fashioned ways of treating ear mites could be very tedious. Every day, for one month, the pet owner has to hold the poor cat, clean out the ears using cotton swab and mineral oil, and then put a few drops of insecticidal ear solution. This often causes the cat to be anxious and hide every time the owner is seen approaching. The problem with old-fashioned treatments is that they fail to kill the ear mite eggs. As a consequence, the mites keep coming back.
Therefore, it is necessary to apply the insecticide again and again in order to kill the mites. If even for a day the treatment is missed, it becomes impossible to get rid of ear mites completely.
Thanks to new research and discoveries on the treatment of ear mite infection, a variety of anti-parasitic medications are now available. Today, there are already a number of prescription products available that can get rid of ear mite infection with just one use. Households with many ear mite infected pets can be treated with oral or injectable ivermectin. Ivermectin is a famous parasite treatment that is very effective for ear mites.
Two products that cat owners can use are Acarexx, a topical version of Ivermectin, and Milbemite, a topical version of Milbemycin Oxime. These products are applied in the ear canal. These products are approved for cats’ use only and are available through veterinarians. All you need is a single dose to clear the infection.
Other topical products are also available to control ear mites as well as fleas and intestinal worms. One product is Revolution. Revolution uses Selamectin as an active ingredient. Another product is Advantage Multi which is also known as “Advocate” outside of the United States which uses Moxidectin as an active ingredient.
Ivermectin derivatives – Moxidectin and Selamectin, can be applied, and these are absorbed effectively in your pet’s body, killing internal parasites, and thereafter, taking effect on the skin. When used as regular flea control remedies, these products have the added benefit of constant ear mite prevention.
In treating car ear mites, it is important not to make the diagnosis of ear mite infection by yourself. If you think your pet has an ear infection, it is still best to see the veterinarian for proper diagnosis rather than resorting to an over-the-counter remedy. The right diagnosis is necessary before you can wisely choose an ear mite treatment product.

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