My first blog and it is a stinker!

Good morning slider fans,
By now you have heard Sunday wasn’t the best day for my baby girl. On our way up to Temecula, she blew. Fortunately, the crew on the truck are safe. Unfortunately, it was pretty bad. Due to the holiday weekend, a mechanic was unable to determine the damage. Today, I should have a better grasp of the damage and how long we will be out of commission. The timing stinks. We will probably miss several events including Adams avenue. There are, however, a few positives. I wanted to do some updating on her anyway. On a personal note, for the first time in months, I was able to finally begin cleaning my condo and, maintain my patio plants, catch up on InSlider paperwork and spend the evening truly relaxing with my kids – my dogs Abigail aka Mamas and Zion. I’ll keep everyone posted. She WILL be back – stronger and cuter than ever.
Thanks for your patience!!

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