Why be limited to one big burger or sandwich? Try them all!


The InSlider Food Truck San Diego Menu

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Each of our gourmet sliders is available as a single burger or in a 3-pack. Pick up a couple of 3-packs to share with co-workers, or try a few different sliders yourself.

We offer 4-6 different Sliders and SlideKicks each day, with at least one option for those not in a “burger and fries” mood (although we’ve yet to meet that person)! Focusing on a simple menu gives us the ability to ensure you receive the best tasting, highest quality slider each time you visit our truck.

Our menu offerings change regularly, below you’ll find some of TheInslider’s staple dishes. Enjoy!


Each slider is served on a lightly toasted, brioche style bun from San Diego’s own Le Chef Bakery.

San Diego Food Truck Catering

Gourmet Burgers Made From Scratch

The InSlider
Kobe beef, pickle, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese and our secret InSlider sauce

The “Cali”ente Slider
Kobe beef, tomato, lettuce, grilled jalapeños, pepper jack cheese and chipotle sauce

The Summer Club
Marinated Jidori chicken, bacon, lettuce tomato and herbed aioli

The “Hella Bella” Slider
Balsamic marinated portobello mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and mushroom aioli

The “Babe” Slider
Pulled Kurobuta pork, homemade BBQ sauce and coleslaw


Freshly made to order using only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Sweet Potato Tater Tots

Come Try Our Famous Tots

Sweet Potato Tater Tots
With chipotle sauce

French Fries
A classic favorite – crisp, golden and delicious

Truffle Fries
Hand cut fries, truffle essence, parmesan cheese and mushroom aioli

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